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Cleanline products are a sure bet for casinos. Casino traffic never stops. With most casinos opened around the clock, you need a trash container that is better than average. That is where Cleanline comes in. Whether you choose a Cleanline top or side-loading waste receptacle, casino employees will be better able to keep traffic areas cleaner. Because Cleanline uses standard plastic liners that are hidden from view, your employees spend less time cleaning out unsightly trash cans. Don’t gamble on keeping your casinos clean. Use Cleanline waste receptacles instead of outdated garbage cans.

Our spinning, stamping, deep drawing, rolling, and welding services work in harmony to develop your product from prototype through production. Toledo Metal Spinning is dedicated to providing a superior quality product, high customer service standards, and on time product delivery to accommodate any space. 
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Customer Testimonials

"We’ve had Cleanline® waste receptacles in our new school since it  opened in 2006. They are very attractive and functional additions to the new facility -we’re very pleased."

-James Floyd of Sylvania Ohio,
Business Manager for St. Joseph Parish/School
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