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Cleanline Side Loading Waste Receptacles

In areas where top-loading receptacles might not be a perfect fit, we offer side loading waste receptacles.  The  side-loading receptacles are perfect for outdoor and food service applications.

Cleanline side-loading waste receptacles have all the form and functionality of a top loading receptacle. Standard features include our innovative bag stabilizer slot that firmly and completely hides bags from view.  Each side-loader is engineered with a fitted top, providing a snug fit for greater structural integrity and cleaner lines. The Cleanline one piece base offers leak protection, and is also recessed which helps keep everything looking fresh.

Side-Loading Receptacle Specifications include the following:

  • Uses standard 39-gallon bags
  • 42 inches tall, 20 inches in diameter
  • (2) 6” x 11” openings
  • Shipping weight 65 lbs
  • Suitable for use in arenas, convention centers, shopping malls, airports, great for outdoor applications

Customize Your Cleanline

Cleanline side-loading waste receptacles are available in several lid base and lid configurations allowing flexible and customized solutions to fit any application. Side loaders can be purchased with the following options:  Standard top, ashtray top, or the tray top.

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Customer Testimonials

"We’ve had Cleanline® waste receptacles in our new school since it  opened in 2006. They are very attractive and functional additions to the new facility -we’re very pleased."

-James Floyd of Sylvania Ohio,
Business Manager for St. Joseph Parish/School
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